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Project:  360 VR Film Contest   |   Client:   Drury Design   |   Role:  Creative Director, Producer   |   drury360.com

•  Virtual Reality is still mainly being showcased as a novel technology rather than being used as a powerful artistic medium.

•  Drury Design needed to enter the VR space to remain ahead of the curve. 

•  Students have the ability to help shape the creative landscape of VR, but had very limited access to VR equipment

As an in-house Drury Creative Lab project, I brought together NYU, RISD, and sponsors Samsung and 360fly to allow talented students the opportunity to explore the artistic potential of VR filmmaking. Twenty VR cameras were donated to the schools, we brought in experts to teach students how to use the technology, and then hundreds of students participated by making incredible films. The submitted films were showcased through two installations at a RISD NYC x Design Week event and an NYU graduation event. Many of the films are also available on Drury's YouTube channel.